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Alex Dowsett was the recipient of the Bidlake Memorial Prize .... read more 30-04-24


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Phil Griffiths

Mark Cavendish, Chris Boardman, Nicole Cooke, Julia Shaw, Beryl Burton, Phil Griffiths, Tom Simpson, Reg Harris, Eileen Sheridan – all great figures in the long history of British cycling. Men and women, amateurs and professionals, road-racers, time-triallists and trackies: but what do they all have in common? The answer is that they have all been winners of the Bidlake Prize, they – and so many others – are all enrolled in the Bidlake Hall of Fame.

Reg Harris at home

Since 1934 the Bidlake Prize has been awarded each year for outstanding achievements in cycling, and it has been given to national champions and record-breakers, world and Olympic champions, and to many dedicated men and women who have served the sport in other ways than by racing. The origins of the Bidlake Prize are described elsewhere on this website, but the central fact is that the story of the Bidlake cuts a swathe through the history of British cycling and highlights its greatest figures and greatest achievements.
The End-to-End record, the BBAR Championship, the landmark records in time-trialling history, the gold medals brought home from World and Olympic Championships – they are all part of the tremendous appeal of the Bidlake story. The cycling world in which the Bidlake was born eighty years ago has now been utterly transformed by science, financial investment and media glory, and this transformation is the other dimension of this fascinating story. This site offers a complete analysis of who won the Bidlake when and why – as well as sidelights on who didn’t win it – and it shows how the Bidlake story holds up a mirror to many of the greatest events in British cycling history.

Hutchinson & Yates

Julia Shaw



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